Ahem! Items-in-transit

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Sorry for the overly contemptuous nature of this post, but I simply must emphasise the erroneousness of Chris’ last blog. He, being so caught up with his “buzzwords” (obviously a symptom of his self-diagnosed “dependency on metaphorical crutches“) that he totally understated just how much the revamp of the “items-in-transit” model has improved the TouchStone Attention Engine and API ūüėČ

What I am sure he meant to say was:
We have completely replaced and re-engineered the entire array handling methods of the core. We replaced the visualisation array with a powerful collection of item objects, and collected these together, extending the standard .NET collection class to handle specific scenarios for the needs of the TouchStone Item Cache and the Visualisation Widgets. This not only increases the overall efficiency of the core, but means future innovation implemented with a minimum of code changes.

The new system allowed us to eliminate HUNDREDS of lines of code, and more clearly abstract the various moving parts of TouchStone – something both of us are always working to do. This new mechanism (it’s currently being debugged now) should also allow greater opportunities to expand and clean the current code, which should assist us greatly in releasing the limited alpha sooner then expected.
Oh and go Ariel!

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