Day 2

This is the second day of the new excersise regime i’ve started. The walks i am talking each night are taxing compared to my excersise coutner-parts, but then I am carrying several more kilos then they are.

I am also not really sure what people mean when they ask me whether or not I feel good after the excersise? Maybe I just dont get it or something; aren’t i supposed to get endorphines or something? Meh.

In either case i sweat like a pig after a nightly walk of 2 – 3 Kms and I manage to go on by telling myself that the more I sweat, the more fat I loose. Im not sure if this is scientifically correct, but as far as my psychè is concerned, it doesnt really matter. 🙂

Today my food consumption was down, although it was more fatty then I would have liked. I had a zinger burger and small chips from KFC for lunch and a small bowl of (basically) risotto for dinner. I was particularly happy about resisting any second serves. So that’s eat-less down pat. If only I wasnt so busy.

So I was walking tonight and i was thinking. 75Kg is my target weight, which means i need to loose about 1/3 of my body mass. I dont really want to be muscular, or even fit; i just dont want to be fat anymore.

114+ Kg

You know that somethinf is wrong when you simply can not allow for denial anymore. The number above is something that I simply couldnt avoid any longer. No matter what I did, where i turned, it was there.

You can only avoid mirrors so long.

The funniest thing about it though, is that contrary to popular belief, I dont actualy eat that much. Sure i can eat a massive rump like the next guy and i drink Diet Coke like no bodies business, but my daily intake of calories isnt that high. Unfortunately, like a lot of geeks, neither is the number of calories that I burn in a day.

So today it begins, a blog on Ashley loosing his spare tire in 2 easy steps – eat less, do more.