MySpace & MTV Plan US Presidential Candidate Chats

Cross-posted from the Particls blog.

A recent headline from the Australian ABC really grabbed my attention today. Its says:

“MySpace and MTV say they have joined forces to let candidates for the US presidency individually discuss ideas and issues with young people in online webcasts.”

This sort of news really excites meĀ becauseĀ its seems, like never before just as the audience has the power in the web, the world can now have the power over governments. I’m sure there are many people who will complain about the potential bias of MySpaces cooperate linage – but I am of the optimistic belief that any conversation, especially political direction and debate is ultimately positive.

Its a perfect example I think of social media reaching out to the masses, giving people from all walks, the chance to be heard.

It also got me wondering, how would have the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s been different if we had Social Media and Social Networking resources back then? I wonder if Social Media might put us on path to finally start getting over our differences and start getting the work that needs to be done; done?

Boxing for Excercise.

In accordance with the “do more” portion of my lifestyle change, ive been taking up some boxing for 15 minutes per day. I’ve also been trying much harder to make a bigger effort to take the kids to the local park. Any excercise is good right?

It seems to have also made an improvemtn on the family relations – the kids are happier and i am getting some much needed fresh air.

Life be in it -indeed.