One Hundred and Three

I am so happy today – today’s weigh in was a huge 103.2Kgs which is a new low record. I find it fascinating though, because I’ve eaten basically the same things (in fact I’ve been a little worse than normal) and done about the usual amount of exercise. The biggest difference this week, is the consumption of water, which, apart from making me feel very bloated in the middle of the week, seems to have contributed greatly to the awesome weigh in.

Good news on the size of my belly too. 103cm! Again this is a new record, and one I am happy to repeat.

The weight loss can be very interesting and It’s hard to see it in yourself. A few people recently have commented on how my face is skinnier, but I just thought they were being nice. I saw my reflection yesterday, and actually noticed it myself, so the difference must be a little startling.

Apart from the confusion of not knowing exactly what my insides are doing, I feel good, and I guess I will just keep going along this way.

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