Just like the real thing

From the NineMSN.com website:

Police officers were forced to smash the window of a car in Queensland last week to save what they thought was an unconscious baby.

But the heroic deed, which took place in regional Gympie, became an embarrassing blunder when the baby rescued from the car turned out to be an uncannily lifelike doll, the Courier Mail reports.

A similar incident had occurred in the US when police smashed the window of a Hummer to rescue a “baby” that turned out to be a doll belonging to the owner’s wife, she told the Courier Mail.

“People do have to be careful when they go out with them…I tell them to hold them properly, not dangle them by one leg or something, because other people do think they are real babies and become alarmed,” she said.

Baby reborn dolls can sell for up to $1000 and are usually painstakingly hand-painted with real hair and eyelashes.

“They’re even weighted to feel like a baby’s weight and they flop like a baby,” Ms Cernik said.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but why does anyone need a doll this life-like?  Am I the only one who thinks there is something a little creepy and disturbing about this doll.  Call me old fashioned, but I just think there is some inherently unnecessary about having a doll which looks like the real deal – and even less need to carry it around town.

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