The Internet Goes "Pop"

Just when you think the sky isn’t going to fall on your head, it turns out it is!

The flaw would be a boon for “phishing” cons that involve leading people to imitation web pages of businesses such as bank or credit card companies to trick them into disclosing account numbers, passwords and other information.

Attackers could use the vulnerability to route internet users wherever they wanted no matter what website address was typed into a web browser.

But what amazes me about this is the fact that it’s been like this for so long and no-one has noticed. It’s not like the Internet has changed much since its initial incantation.

Oh, well, lets hope that the boffins get this fixed ASAP before I unwittingly visit and some 14 year old pimple faced geek who’s life-long ambition is to give Jar-Jar Binks a blow job; can buy an iPhone 3G on me!

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