Tikiwiki, Is That All?

Something I like to do in my downtime is to sit back with several friends and do a bit of old fashioned gaming, like our geek forefathers did before us. It’s pretty standard RP’ing, except that, in the age of the read-write web, my friend who typically DMs our games asked me if it would be possible to setup a wiki so that as a group, we can flesh out the details, collaboratively, of the universes in our minds.

So of course, there is MediaWiki; the same wiki engine that powers Wikipedia. But I recently discovered an alternative, TikiCMS.

Tiki CMS (Tikiwiki) is not only a full-featured wiki, content management system and groupware. Its theme management and template system also offer unmatched page design flexibility. While I really dig the themes aspect of Tikiwiki, of the dozens of themes I saw I couldn’t see a single one I’d be happy to use.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of choice, Wikis are not exactly new, I thought their would have been more choice…

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