Life. Be In It.

The last year has really been the hardest of my life.   My healthy life goals serriously handicapped by a semi-recent diagnosis of Atypical Depression.  After talking to some people who have previously dealt with the illness themselves, and after going and seeing my GP – I am happy to say that life is starting to get its colour back.

Being the end of a year which has been particularly difficult for me I thought that it would be an ideal time to renew some old commitments which have fallen by the wayside.

Thanks to a kind heart, and great generosity, my wife’s grandmother has given me $100 to buy something for myself for Christmas.  So, instead of getting an electric shaver or a DVD Boxset or something, I bought a Mountain Bike.  I found a bargain at Target, and while I was initally prepared to pay the extra $100 – $150 for the bike, the checkout girl only charged $130 for it (hehe.)

I didn’t correct her.

So my plan is to bike to the train station nearest me (Home > Kuraby Station about 6.5Kms) and train to one near work (Yerongpilly Station > Work about 4.5Kms) each day.  Later I hope to just go the whole distance.

I don’t want to be overweight and unhappy anymore.

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