Watchout Folks, Dodgy Teachers Will "Get" You on Facebook (Apparently)

I’m sorry but things like THIS – really pisses me off!

TEACHERS have been banned from contacting students on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other social networking sites amid growing concern over inappropriate relationships.

There are so many reasons why this is wrong, that I’m not even really sure where to start. I am further infuriated by the comments on that article. Are these people serious? Really? Dodgy teachers engaging in inappropriate conduct with students, do not do so in open and transparent mediums. They’d actively disengage from these becasue they’d get caught! Dark and dodgy people cannot exist in the light. They run from it.

It’s funny how the general public demand the goverment to protect them and their children, despite having little or no understanding of social media (and technology more generally). They don’t understand the medium and they don’t understand the minds of those who would seek to target their children. Becasue if hey did, they’d understand that its a futile and pointless policy. Much like the proposed “clean feed”.

Grr….this kind of trivial, thoughtless, primitive thinking really makes me mental!

1 thought on “Watchout Folks, Dodgy Teachers Will "Get" You on Facebook (Apparently)

  1. This is the kind of approach Australia always takes in regards to such things. If 1 parent complains about kids hugging at school then they’ll be a ban on displaying of affection on school grounds, 1 kid gets hurt doing a somersault, then they’ll be no more somersaults allowed.
    It is very frustrating and this is one aspect of this country ( I am a foreigner) that infuriates me and I really don’t like.
    If there weren’t any networking sites, how would this teachers approach their students ? How would they get caught ? They’ll still do it and maybe it would take even longer to et caught. Next thing we know, men will be banned from teaching.

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