I’ve finally found a great use for Google Wave that DOESN’T require all your friends to be on it.

It’s this, a to-do list!


It has been a great tool to synchronize the day-to-day activities of the family.  @MrsAngell and I have been using it to help manage the kids, and the household and the general stuffs needed, in preparation for Christmas, for example. Traditionally, we’d use IM clients such as Skype to communicate messages and synchronize our activities, using Outlook and Google Calendar only when absolutely necessary.

But for some reason, despite being massive email users, we very seldom email each other.  But the problem with this is that its difficult to read history and if we don’t have access to our computers – we cant read our histories and re-read what was discussed.  We made it work, but it had its problems.

Even though Wave is so much more capable than this very small and isolated use-case, I have to admit, it does do this very very well.

Since the only people who need to collaborate on this topic is myself and my lovely wife, the collaboration “issues” people have been complaining about with Google Wave doesn’t really apply. If you’re not familiar with what I am talking about, check this out:


In either case, we’ve been using Wave to manage our daily lives and to make notes and comments to each other about various needs of the household and the family – and so far, it’s working just great.

It might seem weird to other people that my wife and I even need a tool like this, but as an organizationally challenged individual like myself, I find it’s making life just that little bit easier.

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