Feeling Good

My returned vigor to my dieting has had some positive mental results. I have felt good and while the holidays were not a big set-back I do believe that I can already see some positive results.

I don’t want to say that the re-focusing on my diet is a New Year’s resolution; and it’s still early days – but I feel really good about how things are going. Plus, despite the fact that I actually reduced my calorie allowance by 300 per day, I haven’t been particularly hungry either.

I hope that I can continue.

Has Anyone Calculated the Total Cost of Ownership of the Holidays?

I haven’t blogged for a while; this is partly because I’ve been overwhelmingly busy, and partly because I’ve had a mild slip in my “healthy lifestyle” training. You see starting in early November, began a series of birthdays (each with their own lovely events of sweets and cakes) and then gatherings of old colleagues and parties for work end of year celebrations. Finally ending with Christmas and New Year – and enough food to sink a battleship.

While I don’t like to complain about what are simply my own mistakes and weaknesses (in not being able to say “no”), I have effectively erased the work done since September in 2 months.

Weighing at 108Kgs it isn’t exactly a landslide, but its still movement in the wrong direction.

Alas, things are back on track today and I am going to be putting both more emphasis and more effort into getting my healthy lifestyle back on track and trying to make more of an effort to get some exercise during the week. Additionally I am thinking of trying out some Yoga positions to see if they might help balance my mind and body.

I am also going to make more of an effort to blog and admit my failings rather than trying to hide it. Here’s to hoping 2008 being great for looking out for my health.

3 Months

Its been 3 months yesterday(ish) since my new fantastic 2 stage diet plan began. It’s really hard. Seriously – really hard. But rewarding. I’ve been very careful to reward myself and not make this whole thing as painful as it could be – although I still feel guilty that I could be doing more.

I am still boxing as regularly as I can, and in 15 minute chunks sparkpeople.com tells me that I burn about 100 calories each time. Being a serial entrepreneur, it dawns on me that living the life of an internet startup founder doesn’t lend itself to helping with weightloss.

I also find mslef being very conscous about excercising in front of my kids (7 and 4). The only reason I can think of for this, is that I am simply extremely embarrassed that I allowed myslef to get like this in the first place. Shame is a very powerful demotivator. If I didnt have Julie helping me, I dare say I would have bailed by now, which seems quite counter-productive given that I seem to be making good results.

I am looking forward to breaking the 100kg mark (not there yet) – but I think I might have to reward myself with something cool.

One Hundred and Three

I am so happy today – today’s weigh in was a huge 103.2Kgs which is a new low record. I find it fascinating though, because I’ve eaten basically the same things (in fact I’ve been a little worse than normal) and done about the usual amount of exercise. The biggest difference this week, is the consumption of water, which, apart from making me feel very bloated in the middle of the week, seems to have contributed greatly to the awesome weigh in.

Good news on the size of my belly too. 103cm! Again this is a new record, and one I am happy to repeat.

The weight loss can be very interesting and It’s hard to see it in yourself. A few people recently have commented on how my face is skinnier, but I just thought they were being nice. I saw my reflection yesterday, and actually noticed it myself, so the difference must be a little startling.

Apart from the confusion of not knowing exactly what my insides are doing, I feel good, and I guess I will just keep going along this way.

110Kg Milestone

10.5Kgs have now been lost!

This is the first of several milestones I have in my head to reduce my total body mass, and it feels good. And others seem happy with my progress as well.

A couple of nights ago Julie exclaimed “I can reach the other side of the bed!” While she reached across my front. Her weight loss is going well, albeit much slower.

I am still finding it difficult to discuss it with people, but I have been forcing myself to talk about it and try and get more positive reinforcement from others, but again, it feels weird. I guess I feel guilty for it getting this bad in the first place.

Now the next one – 100Kgs.

Boxing for Excercise.

In accordance with the “do more” portion of my lifestyle change, ive been taking up some boxing for 15 minutes per day. I’ve also been trying much harder to make a bigger effort to take the kids to the local park. Any excercise is good right?

It seems to have also made an improvemtn on the family relations – the kids are happier and i am getting some much needed fresh air.

Life be in it -indeed.

111.7Kgs (lots more to go)

The weigh-in today felt extra-ordinary. What I have so fondly called the “spark diet” so far is returning great results.

I managed to get my last purchase filled with sand today as well. Brad and I went to a local landscape supply place, and filled the punching bag with very fine grain sand. The bag, however, is so heavy that the beam I was going to hang it on doesn’t appear to be able to hold the weight of the bag. I’m going therefore, to remove the lattice from one of the sections of the rear of the pergola and hang it off that!

From what I have been told, I’m supposed to go 3 rounds of 3 minutes on and 1 minute off (simulates a boxing match) and i am also told its actually very hard. I guess we will see when I cut sick at the bag and release my anger (not that I’m feeling particularly angry at the moment – but you know what I mean).

I really want to be < 110 before Saturday, though, as we’re having a massive LAN and Julie and I have elected to not “count” that nights main course. It’ll most likely be pizza which I’ll have to make up for next week.

Big Walks Seem to Make a Big Difference.

I just weighed myself, you know, because I have a new set of scales; and I am 118.2Kg. Now granted, I haven’t yet eaten anything today, but things are looking up yeah? I think that its pretty clear that the more you weigh, the easier it is to loose, but that seems like pretty bloody good head start.

I am moderately concerned about skin not pulling itself back to normal, but I guess there is something to help with that. I hope!

Back and then some…

Today marks a very special day.

The other people in the house, also not entirely positive about their health & fitness…I think even Brad is going to make an effort, which is very cool. 🙂

We went for a massive walk today, to not only get a new set of bathroom scales, but to get Julie’s birthday gift (an iPod). The walk was huge; Brad, Julie, Helen and I walked for a good hour. This was particularly hard for me, but I did it. The iPods are apparently hard to get a hold of at the moment, with a 3 week wait, but we did get the scales, from Target.

The bad news is, that the “new” scales, puts me at 120Kgs.

The good news that I have joined a new social networking dieting and nutrition website called www.sparkpeople.com. This has inspired me to be more focused and dedicated to loosing weight. My target is 75Kg, which is almost half my current weight.