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Well, thanks to Chris and his intrepid suggestions, we have chosen to build v0.0.1 as the first client build for the project. The process has been very interesting. In this build we have elected to shelf the marquee for the time being and work on the far easier messengeresque style alert UI system – and the results are fantastic. The _event form spawns each time that an alert is received and it has built in functionality that enables each alert spawn to determine when and where it should appear on the screen.

Technically speaking the 0.0.1 build isn’t much at all, but its a valid proof of concept that has shaped the way the TouchStone UI will operate.

The Current List of Problems (what we are so cutely describing as the CLOP):We are having troubles with alerts overlapping each other if alerts are terminated as a new one are spawned. To combat this we have developed the TouchStone Alert Buffer – a subsystem that queues up Alerts that are unable to be displayed at the screen immediately.

Displaying alerts on any screen is going to be a problem, but for the time being, the screen is going to be divided up into “slots”. These slots will be defined by a member of a UI class called clrGlobal. The array will store which slots are filled and which are empty. Events will be launched into available slots or be moved to the buffer subsystem. The number of slots will be derived later to accommodate screens of any resolution.

Apart form this, things are actually moving far faster then I initially thought possible. More importantly though, things are fun – so it makes the journey all the more rewarding.

An Interesting Conversation

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블๑bourboN๑블* says:
블๑bourboN๑블* says:
u need publicity
블๑bourboN๑블* says:
like just curious, what is ur aim with touchstone ?

There is something very scary about being asked this question, so in the interest of being clear, I thought I would mention it here. I want it to be popular. I want it to be a synonymous with RSS. When people think Instant Messaging, they think MSN/ICQ/Yahoo – when people think alerts management system, I want them to think TouchStone. I want it to facilitate attention management and augment many of the awesome and popular news readers.

I want TouchStone to be one of those apps you simply have to install before your nice new ‘puter, or recently reformatted machine, feels right – the type of app that makes people wonder how they ever worked without it!It’s funny though, because the more I look for TouchStonesque RSS gadgets on the ‘net, the more I find things like this!

Just call me Big Kev

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I’m excited. System Tray Alert UI behaviors are well on their way and we have completed the alert buffer subsystem (and watched it work). I feel refreshed, tired, but refreshed. I found myself marching forward with new passion and determination.

Next: the audacious task of developing the custom event triggers.

The Bane of my Existence

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Interactive Scrolling Marque’s are going to be the death of me. Already i have started to dream about them. Apparently, the windows GDI device doesnt like Interactive Scrolling Marque’s . Under VB.Net when a label is given a transparent background, and then moved, it apprently takes 40-50% of my CPU grunt (constantly) and the animation is far too slow anyway. Bah! I shall have to experiment and see if i can fake the transparency with duplicate background images.

Overall the interface demos are comming along quite well. Once i nail this problem, the real fun will begin.

Hi Everybody…..

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This is my first (of many) official posts regarding, what we are so modestly describing as the “universal gadget”. I thought that of a way of commemorating such a momentous occasion, I would upload a screenshot of our first UI brainstorm sessions.

I am extremely excited about this project. Somehow there is something idealistic about it. It’s something that’s a piece of something far bigger (the web 2.0 evolution) and it has awoken something in me which has been dormant for a long time – I’m not sure what that is yet, but it’s like being on the edge of a large cliff face,and yet being completely unafraid of what the future holds.

To me, this is more then technology. I want Touchstone to become an experiment in sociology. I want us all to use technology to become more than what we are.

I want it to become a piece of all of us.