Braxton Hicks Contractions

Cross-posted from the Particls blog.

Stress levels have been pretty high for a few days at Touchstone HQ. We’re at the business end of alpha and experiencing the typical Braxton Hicks that a start-up experiences as they prepare for beta.

It’s been long tiring week and the team are exhausted. But it’s ok – it lets us know we’re still alive.

A (seriously) lucky few have had the opportunity to actually play with the beta version and so far the feedback has been extremely positive (perhaps they will write something pleasant in the comments to this blog post to make us feel special). The only problem preparing for the long anticipated beta is that, at some point we have to turn off the ideas (something we’re all struggling with).If you’re a newbie to our humble little blog, please make sure you sign-up (on the side <– over there) as a matter of urgency. Trust me! It’ll be worth it.