So I got my bike fixed today – After the big bang recently eliminated my front wheel. The guy at the bike store was really cool. So after he informed be that the correct pressure was 50 psi, he fixed my wheel, checked the pressure of the rear wheel and sold me a pair of these bad boys:

The Great Blowout of 2008

So, a few days ago I took the new bike out for a spin, with the hopes of raising the average speed from the baseline average of 9.9kph. So I was riding along the service road of the pacific highway (near where I live), minding my own business and suddenly my front wheel tire blew-out with an Earth shattering kaboom!

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I rang JA to come collect me, and as I loaded the crippled bike into the back of the car, I saw the bikes computer read 12.5kph average speed. Woot! I guess it was one of those win-loose situations.

45psi and 9.9Kph

So I got the last piece of my bike tonight, the front-wheel!  Having put the wheel on, and attaching the computer to the wheel and forks.  I did however notice that the tires were quite flat so I Googled the correct tire pressure for mountain bikes.  50psi seemed a touch high – so I took it down to the local service station and filled them to 45psi.

When I got home about 10 minutes later, I looked at my bike computer.  My average speed was 9.9Kph 🙂

I have some adjusting to do (to make the ride more comfortable), but this is so cool.