Boxing for Excercise.

In accordance with the “do more” portion of my lifestyle change, ive been taking up some boxing for 15 minutes per day. I’ve also been trying much harder to make a bigger effort to take the kids to the local park. Any excercise is good right?

It seems to have also made an improvemtn on the family relations – the kids are happier and i am getting some much needed fresh air.

Life be in it -indeed.

111.7Kgs (lots more to go)

The weigh-in today felt extra-ordinary. What I have so fondly called the “spark diet” so far is returning great results.

I managed to get my last purchase filled with sand today as well. Brad and I went to a local landscape supply place, and filled the punching bag with very fine grain sand. The bag, however, is so heavy that the beam I was going to hang it on doesn’t appear to be able to hold the weight of the bag. I’m going therefore, to remove the lattice from one of the sections of the rear of the pergola and hang it off that!

From what I have been told, I’m supposed to go 3 rounds of 3 minutes on and 1 minute off (simulates a boxing match) and i am also told its actually very hard. I guess we will see when I cut sick at the bag and release my anger (not that I’m feeling particularly angry at the moment – but you know what I mean).

I really want to be < 110 before Saturday, though, as we’re having a massive LAN and Julie and I have elected to not “count” that nights main course. It’ll most likely be pizza which I’ll have to make up for next week.