Why I Hate The MPA

Articles like this really piss me off!
Media Companies (records ones in particular) make up a major part of the wealthiest companies in the world.

They are also the first ones to cry foul when something goes “wrong”.

If they would stop releasing shit music, perhaps people would buy the albums. Also notice, that they do not count LEGALLY downloaded tunes in the figure. Sure album sales may have dropped howevermuch%, but how many magnitudes of 10 did legal music downloads go up? The media companies get a slice of these! As media becomes more diversified in nature, people have to shift the focus of their disposable income. How many people bought DVDs in 1996?

I believe in free-market. If the market likes your product – they will buy it. It’s really that simple. Most people understand that the advantages of purcahsing media speak for themselves. No mess! No fuss!

If I like something, I will consume it. And, pay for it. But, like most people, I only have so many dollars to go around and once it’s gone – it’s gone. No matter how much the media companies complain, it will not make me spend anymore money. It’s (for most people) a finite resource.

So, before people start accusing the ‘net for the drop in album sales, perhaps they should check reality first!