45psi and 9.9Kph

So I got the last piece of my bike tonight, the front-wheel!  Having put the wheel on, and attaching the computer to the wheel and forks.  I did however notice that the tires were quite flat so I Googled the correct tire pressure for mountain bikes.  50psi seemed a touch high – so I took it down to the local service station and filled them to 45psi.

When I got home about 10 minutes later, I looked at my bike computer.  My average speed was 9.9Kph 🙂

I have some adjusting to do (to make the ride more comfortable), but this is so cool.

Has Anyone Calculated the Total Cost of Ownership of the Holidays?

I haven’t blogged for a while; this is partly because I’ve been overwhelmingly busy, and partly because I’ve had a mild slip in my “healthy lifestyle” training. You see starting in early November, began a series of birthdays (each with their own lovely events of sweets and cakes) and then gatherings of old colleagues and parties for work end of year celebrations. Finally ending with Christmas and New Year – and enough food to sink a battleship.

While I don’t like to complain about what are simply my own mistakes and weaknesses (in not being able to say “no”), I have effectively erased the work done since September in 2 months.

Weighing at 108Kgs it isn’t exactly a landslide, but its still movement in the wrong direction.

Alas, things are back on track today and I am going to be putting both more emphasis and more effort into getting my healthy lifestyle back on track and trying to make more of an effort to get some exercise during the week. Additionally I am thinking of trying out some Yoga positions to see if they might help balance my mind and body.

I am also going to make more of an effort to blog and admit my failings rather than trying to hide it. Here’s to hoping 2008 being great for looking out for my health.