3 Months

Its been 3 months yesterday(ish) since my new fantastic 2 stage diet plan began. It’s really hard. Seriously – really hard. But rewarding. I’ve been very careful to reward myself and not make this whole thing as painful as it could be – although I still feel guilty that I could be doing more.

I am still boxing as regularly as I can, and in 15 minute chunks sparkpeople.com tells me that I burn about 100 calories each time. Being a serial entrepreneur, it dawns on me that living the life of an internet startup founder doesn’t lend itself to helping with weightloss.

I also find mslef being very conscous about excercising in front of my kids (7 and 4). The only reason I can think of for this, is that I am simply extremely embarrassed that I allowed myslef to get like this in the first place. Shame is a very powerful demotivator. If I didnt have Julie helping me, I dare say I would have bailed by now, which seems quite counter-productive given that I seem to be making good results.

I am looking forward to breaking the 100kg mark (not there yet) – but I think I might have to reward myself with something cool.

110Kg Milestone

10.5Kgs have now been lost!

This is the first of several milestones I have in my head to reduce my total body mass, and it feels good. And others seem happy with my progress as well.

A couple of nights ago Julie exclaimed “I can reach the other side of the bed!” While she reached across my front. Her weight loss is going well, albeit much slower.

I am still finding it difficult to discuss it with people, but I have been forcing myself to talk about it and try and get more positive reinforcement from others, but again, it feels weird. I guess I feel guilty for it getting this bad in the first place.

Now the next one – 100Kgs.