3 Months

Its been 3 months yesterday(ish) since my new fantastic 2 stage diet plan began. It’s really hard. Seriously – really hard. But rewarding. I’ve been very careful to reward myself and not make this whole thing as painful as it could be – although I still feel guilty that I could be doing more.

I am still boxing as regularly as I can, and in 15 minute chunks sparkpeople.com tells me that I burn about 100 calories each time. Being a serial entrepreneur, it dawns on me that living the life of an internet startup founder doesn’t lend itself to helping with weightloss.

I also find mslef being very conscous about excercising in front of my kids (7 and 4). The only reason I can think of for this, is that I am simply extremely embarrassed that I allowed myslef to get like this in the first place. Shame is a very powerful demotivator. If I didnt have Julie helping me, I dare say I would have bailed by now, which seems quite counter-productive given that I seem to be making good results.

I am looking forward to breaking the 100kg mark (not there yet) – but I think I might have to reward myself with something cool.

Back and then some…

Today marks a very special day.

The other people in the house, also not entirely positive about their health & fitness…I think even Brad is going to make an effort, which is very cool. 🙂

We went for a massive walk today, to not only get a new set of bathroom scales, but to get Julie’s birthday gift (an iPod). The walk was huge; Brad, Julie, Helen and I walked for a good hour. This was particularly hard for me, but I did it. The iPods are apparently hard to get a hold of at the moment, with a 3 week wait, but we did get the scales, from Target.

The bad news is, that the “new” scales, puts me at 120Kgs.

The good news that I have joined a new social networking dieting and nutrition website called www.sparkpeople.com. This has inspired me to be more focused and dedicated to loosing weight. My target is 75Kg, which is almost half my current weight.