Releasing Endorphins

As you may know, I an co-founder of a web 2.0 start-up called Touchstone. Recently in a skype chat, my partner (and close friend

Chris Saad says: im glad to see ur in such a good mood latley btw ๐Ÿ™‚
Chris Saad says: i think the walks must be releasing endorphins ๐Ÿ™‚

Got me thinking…I am in a good mood today…maybe the walks are releasing endorphins? I always thought that whole “drugs from exercise” thing was bullshit – maybe not? Perhaps there is some science about it. I am reluctant to wikipedia this, but maybe things are going well at the moment.

It’s good to feel happy.

Definition of Feeling Good

I was walking today and wondering if my recent mood was elevated by the desire to be thin and the action elected to resolve it. Is this what people mean about feeling good? Still I think there must be some sort of positive results from my efforts, although at the moment is doesnt much feel like it.

Choosing to do something about your weight and self-image is a very confronting thing. Being forced to face the demons you carry and to write about it is, well, it feels disturbing. There are many parts of me I actally hate, and I am trying to excise them as I would a tumor. I hope “good” prevails.

I did however, learn a valuable leson tonight – wear shoes. I descided to try bare foot as the shoes i have are not really the best for activity. Right now i am in bed and feet feel like they are on fire. Rubbed raw from the concret and bitchumen.

Day 2

This is the second day of the new excersise regime i’ve started. The walks i am talking each night are taxing compared to my excersise coutner-parts, but then I am carrying several more kilos then they are.

I am also not really sure what people mean when they ask me whether or not I feel good after the excersise? Maybe I just dont get it or something; aren’t i supposed to get endorphines or something? Meh.

In either case i sweat like a pig after a nightly walk of 2 – 3 Kms and I manage to go on by telling myself that the more I sweat, the more fat I loose. Im not sure if this is scientifically correct, but as far as my psychรจ is concerned, it doesnt really matter. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today my food consumption was down, although it was more fatty then I would have liked. I had a zinger burger and small chips from KFC for lunch and a small bowl of (basically) risotto for dinner. I was particularly happy about resisting any second serves. So that’s eat-less down pat. If only I wasnt so busy.

So I was walking tonight and i was thinking. 75Kg is my target weight, which means i need to loose about 1/3 of my body mass. I dont really want to be muscular, or even fit; i just dont want to be fat anymore.