The Registry…Friend or Foe?

Cross-posted from the Particls blog.

Need to establish that u can have more than one OPML file now – an OPML file for your OPML file? I am sitting here with the StormWarden, working on the next release of Touchstone; I can’t help but think about the use of the PC in today’s world. When working on a client-side application – particularly in Windows – the question has to arise – do we use the registry?

As we develop TouchStone, a crucial question we ask ourselves is how do we mine the attention data of the user without sh**ting them to hell? How can multiple attention applications be deployed with a minimum of user configuration?Yes, I know there are a growing number of services on the net that can hold and mane a user’s attention data in the form of OPML or even attention.xml, but what about those who don’t want to post their data for all to see – is a username and password enough? Some privacy junkies may prefer this information to remain local.I wonder if there is enough cause to discuss a common registry key or attention configuration file, where a user’s OPML list can be stored for all a user’s syndication devices to use. Or is it too centralised an option for the avid syndication user?